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Data from genetic linkage analysis (QTLs, susceptibility loci) and/or from gene expression profiling may be displayed on several karyotypes:

EXPRESSIONview on human

EXPRESSIONview on mouse

EXPRESSIONview on rat

Intergenomic search for QTL consensuses

MS and EAE QTL Databases may be queried for intergenomic consensuses with our


[Precomputed results (2290 KB)]


Map conversion tools

Try conversions and global comparisons between different mapping systems for the human, mouse or rat


If you are interested in this tool, you may also find these SNP plots helpful.

SNP selection

For an easier selection of SNPs:


This interface performs a number of selections from the EnsEMBL mart tables beyond the current capabilities of the Mart UI. Use the consensus loci of the QTLview tool above to search for SNPs in these areas.

If you find this tool helpful, you may also want to have a look at the SNP finder applications at chip.org and Affymetrix.com. The only other tool known to us catering for the retrieval and filtering of frequency rates is Frequency Finger [uchicago.edu]. However it will not let you filter on the ratio of frequencies or allow for more than a single locus at a time.

Expression QTLs for mouse model (EAE) of Multiple Sclerosis

Orange Juice
© 1995-2004 by Michael W. Davidson and The Florida State University.

The Illumina BeadChip system yielded expression data for murine lymph nodes of EAE mice 30 days post immunisation. The mice were genotyped and scored. The combination of these data yields QTL for the expression of 520 genes on the chip. A paper is in preparation, for further details please download a poster. Upon request we grant full access access to a database with all QTLs determined with R/qtl and pairwise interactions.

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The Bioinformatics group at the Proteome Center Rostock within the Institute of Immunology of at the University of Rostock